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Otto Hutt

design03 Fountain Pen

design03 Fountain Pen

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Otto Hutt design03

Nostalgic yet forward-looking, design03 boasts straight lines and pioneering design. Its perfectly shaped body, with a balanced weight distribution, fits snugly in the hand.

From the cap to the shaft, design03 speaks a language that bridges the past and present, easily understood by all. Its craftsmanship reflects a blend of historical techniques and modern technology, particularly evident in the processing of brass elements. The shaft sleeve undergoes precise CNC turning before acquiring a matte finish through glass bead blasting. Meanwhile, the cap sleeve is meticulously milled from brass and further refined, with decorative elements partially painted and partially milled to create a sleek, straightforward appearance. The offset Otto Hutt logo aids in distinguishing between the ballpoint pen, fountain pen, pencil, and rollerball variants.

Each Otto Hutt brand product is unique, provided with a six-digit code that is engraved on the cap. The special Otto Hutt nib with the Otto Hutt logo is available in nib sizes EF, F, M and B. Available in stainless steel or 18-karat gold nib. Each cartridge fountain pen comes with a suitable converter for the use of individual ink.

Including silver or microfiber cleaning cloth, instructions for use and certificate.


• Weight: ~56 grams
• Dimensions: 14 cm (length) x 1.1 cm (diameter); length open 12.5 cm
• Comes with a converter
• Compatible with standard international converter
• Nib sizes EF, F, M and B
Note: Nib appearance will vary from the sample photo depending on the nib material you choose.
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