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Pen Nib

Pen Nib

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Kakimori Pen Nib

In today’s world there are fewer and fewer opportunities to write by hand. Focusing on the simplicity of the dip pen, we developed a range of interchangeable nibs and nib holders. Versatile and designed for long-lasting ownership, they represent a new kind of writing tool for our era.

Most dip pen nibs are designed for drawing, calligraphy or manga, which inspired us to develop a nib specially for everyday writing. Shaped like a fountain pen nib, the Pen nib provides superior ink retention and a reliable writing comfort. The single-piece construction makes cleaning simple and easy.

Enjoy the smooth writing feel of a fountain pen in a maintenance-free nib. When you’re done writing, simply rinse with water and dry. An ideal first nib for those new to bottled ink.

The nib is carefully aligned by hand to achieve superior ink retention, allowing about a sentence of writing with each dip. Developed specially for writing, the design replicates the form of the fountain pen nib, while rigorous testing ensures the nib won't catch on paper.

The nib is impeccably proportioned in size and length for visual balance with the nib holder. The semi-matt finish softly complements our nib holders in Sakura wood, Aizome and Urushi finishes.


• Rust-resistant and durable stainless steel with iridium nib point
• Superior ink retention
• Writes about a sentence with each dip
• Smooth writing feel like a fountain pen
• Ideal for those new to bottled ink
• Made in Japan

Note: Nib holder sold separately

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