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Nib Holder

Nib Holder

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Kakimori Nib Holder

Designed for ease of writing, the 7-inch length fits comfortably in the hand like a standard pencil. Partner with your favourite nib, or switch nibs to suit your mood. Fits most nibs as well as those from our range.

Pair the nib holder with a nib of your choice. The Pen nib has a consistent line width ideal for writing, while the Metal nibs offers line variation for a range of creative expressions. Explore your favourite combinations with Kakimori pen rests.

Sakura: Crafted from Japanese cherry. Experience the feel of natural wood. Japanese cherry is known for its reddish colour that deepens over time, allowing you to enjoy your pen’s unique transformation. An ink-resistant finish ensures practicality while maintaining the natural appeal of wood.

White Sakura: Crafted from the sapwood of Japanese cherry, characterised by its pale, whiter appearance. From the reddish centre to the whiter outer layers, the unique colour variation is the beauty of working with natural wood.

Urushi: Crafted from Japanese cherry and lacquered by the fuki-urushi technique. Fuki-urushi is a traditional Japanese lacquering technique that is also widely used in historic architecture. The nib holder is first dyed with sumi ink before being overlaid with black lacquer to showcase the beauty of both the lacquer and the wood grain. The simplicity of the matt lacquer brings an understated elegance to any desk and writing occasion.

Aluminium: Machined from solid aluminium. Each nib holder is carefully hand finished, giving the metal a touch of softness that can only be achieved by hand. The pleasant weight creates a well-balanced writing experience.

Aizome: Crafted from Japanese cherry and finished by aizome, Japanese indigo dyeing. The elegant wood grain is accentuated by the deep indigo finish. Each nib holder is hand dyed with care by an indigo artisan. The colour will gently fade to a true indigo with use. If the wood becomes dry, polish with beeswax to restore its lustre.


• Comfortable length for writing
• Highlights the texture of natural materials
• Ages beautifully for a lifetime of use
• Pleasant weight offers balanced writing
• Coordinates well with other finishes
• Made in Japan

Use & Care:

• Due to the nature of the material and treatment, grain and colour will vary between pieces
• If marked with ink, wipe clean with a soft, clean cloth
• When removing the nib from the nib holder, gently pull it out while turning to avoid dislodging the nib mount.
• After rinsing, shake well in a downward motion to remove any water or ink from the nib mount before inserting a nib.

Note: Nibs and pen rests sold separately

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