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Metal Nib

Metal Nib

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Kakimori Metal Nib

In today’s world there are fewer and fewer opportunities to write by hand. Focusing on the simplicity of the dip pen, we developed a range of interchangeable nibs and nib holders. Versatile and designed for long-lasting ownership, they represent a new kind of writing tool for our era.

Kakimori sought to create a nib that functions like a glass pen, with reliable production and supply. After considering numerous possibilities of materials, the Metal nib was born. The innovative machined form offers diverse line variation that caters for drawing as well as writing.

The metal nib was born from a desire for a durable and practical dip pen nib. Enjoy a variety of line widths from fine to broad by tilting the nib at different angles. Fits most nib holders as well as those from our range.

The nib was designed by Yuto Yamazaki of Kuramae-based design studio Alloy. The nib tip has been rounded and polished with meticulous care, providing a remarkably smooth writing experience that defies expectation. Perfected over many iterations, the innovative nib is like no other.

Ideal for artwork, the nib can be used at different angles to paint like a brush or create intricate lines.

Kakimori staff review: Attaching the nib to the nib holder. The once unfamiliar act is now a daily ritual. Inking the nib is no longer done with caution but with gusto. Running the nib across the bottle edge leaves the perfect amount of ink. When the nib runs dry, rotate the pen in the hand to release ink from the precision grooves. The nib can be used upright or angled towards the paper. The unique ageing of brass is one of the nib’s highlights. It’s such a pleasurable writing (and drawing) companion that even the occasional shaky line is a delight.


• Brass ages and patinas beautifully
• Stainless steel is rust-resistant and durable
• Remarkably smooth metal nib
• Hold at different angles to change the line width
• Expressive line variation including paint strokes
• Made in Japan

Use & Care:

• Initial ink flow may be slow due to the protective coating on the nib and will gradually improve with repeat rinsing and ink application.
• The maximum writing angle is 45 degrees.
• When removing the nib from the nib holder, gently pull it out while turning to avoid dislodging the nib mount.
• Strong impact to the precision-made nib may compromise ink flow.
• To prevent the build-up of dry ink in the grooves, rinse frequently in water during use.
• To remove stubborn dry ink, gently scrub in water with a soft toothbrush.
• If using detergent, a pH neutral detergent is recommended. Avoid alkaline detergents as they will damage the surface.

Note: Nib holder sold separately

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