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Hasami Pen Rest

Hasami Pen Rest

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Kakimori Hasami Pen Rest

Our Hasami ware pen rests are inspired by the natural form of droplets. Four distinctive colours have been specially selected from an extensive variety of glazes. The soft contours gently guide and hold your pen in place.

Four colours were chosen to celebrate the unique richness of Hasami porcelain and glazes.

Ruri: Ruri is a traditional glaze that has been used in Arita and Hasami ware for centuries. The reddish brown glaze reacts with the heat of the kiln, resulting in a beautiful cobalt blue. A variant of the classic Hasami glaze, it is unique to our kiln Koushun-gama. The smooth gloss finish pairs perfectly with our ink bottles.

Karayaki: The moulded pen rests are fired without glazing, allowing the smooth, silky texture of raw porcelain to be enjoyed. The clay’s natural composition gives unique surface variations to each piece. The natural colour of Hasami porcelain clay. The soft matte white partners beautifully with pens of any material.

Kindei: The golden glaze has an unassuming presence when raw. The unique and variable nature of pottery work is evident here with the finished colouring dictated by the position inside the kiln and revealed upon firing. Golden granules mixed into this glaze create an elegant yet striking finish that complements any material and colour.

Yuteki: Iron is sprayed over the glaze to create the surface pattern. The process is carried out by hand, and no two pieces are identical. Meaning “oil drops”, the glaze was named after its speckled appearance resembling oil splatters. The deep and lustrous black has a refined presence that elevates any space.


• Inspired by the form of droplets
• Comfortable size and weight
• Celebrates the unique textures of Hasami porcelain
• Hand-stamped logo on the bottom
• Made in Japan

Note: Nib holder and nibs sold separately

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