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Dip Pen Gift Set

Dip Pen Gift Set

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Kakimori Gift Set

Thoughtfully curated gifts for the keen writer or milestone celebrations.

Created for the kind of joyful moments we want our tools to inspire. The set contains everything you need to start writing right away. The Metal nib is a versatile tool designed for your imagination. Create expressive lines of various widths from fine to bold and brush-like strokes. Our gift box features considered details throughout. From the assembly free from glues and staples to the striking logo debossing, the deceptively simple design is a product of skilled craftsmanship.

Brass nib x Sakura wood pen rest: A perfect set for those who love to draw. The set comes complete with a pen rest, an essential dip pen companion. With ink in a soft, subdued shade of brown. Includes:

• Pigment ink - 09 Mukuri (Standard cap)
• Metal nib - Brass
• Nib holder - Sakura wood
• Pen rest - Sakura wood

Stainless steel nib: The perfect introduction to our best-selling nib, Metal nib. The rust-resistant stainless steel nib is matched with ink in Kurun, a green shade that offers a range of tonal variations. An essential gift for those who enjoy drawing or calligraphy. Includes:

• Pigment ink - 05 Kurun (Standard cap)
• Metal nib - Stainless steel
• Nib holder - Sakura wood
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