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Pro Collection B5 Hardcover Notebook

Pro Collection B5 Hardcover Notebook

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The ultimate companion for the seasoned professional. Exquisitely crafted with the finest 160gsm writing and art paper around, our optimum pad was only five generations in the making. Thread-bound with an elegant black textile cover that’s ethically sourced and made from 100% renewable resources, the Dingbats* Cactus is a totem to nature’s robust beauty, representing endurance, survival and strength with a gold cactus motif embossed on its front cover.

The Dingbats* Pro Collection is designed with professionals in mind. Our aim? To give you 128 pages of superior quality paper in a premium pad that opens perfectly flat for the optimum experience wherever inspiration strikes

Our Quality

With a Dingbats*, you’re always carrying quality. We grew out of the oldest established paper company in Lebanon, so we have five generations of experience in doing things right. Each page of 160gsm matte natural white paper, acid-free and totally fountain pen friendly. With FSC® certified paper that adds up to 64 sheets in total (or 128 pages for those who of you need a little extra creative space), you can scribble, doodle, journal and jot down your ideas and notes for years to come, as longevity, preservation and care always come first for Dingbats*


For us it’s always about doing things with care. From smarter sourcing when it comes to the materials we use, right down to animal-friendly production and conscious packaging, going with Dingbats* ultimately means choosing to move through the world in a more mindful way.

For us, the bee is an icon that represents precision and advancement, a winged insect that is crucially important to the environment. The succulent cactus, on the other hand, thrives in harsh and unforgiving environments, and it is a noble symbol of endurance, survival and strength. Both exceptional species are the perfect emblems for our superior notebook collection.


• B5 size: 17.6 x 25 cm
• 128 pages
• 160 gsm natural white paper
• Gold finished endpapers
• Elastic enclosure band
• Pen holder
• Expandable back pocket
• Hardcover bound with black linen
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