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Optima Piston-Filler Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Optima Piston-Filler Flex Nib Fountain Pen

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Aurora Optima

Precious materials, handcrafted finishes, and attention to detail. Optima evokes the elegance and charm of the historic pen from the 1930s.

The Optima collection is intended for a discerning audience. The collection embodies classicism and elegance. The values are reflected in each model not only through their characteristic lines but also through the use of prestigious materials.

Flex Nib

A special edition emblematic of Aurora's excellent in-house nibs. The unmistakable Optima collection is enhanced by the Flex Nib. Write in varying thicknesses by simply changing the pressure applied on the pen. Perfect for calligraphy lovers and for adding a distinctive character to each handwritten word.


• Features a screw-on cap
• Built-in piston-filler mechanism
• Finely decorated capband finely engraved with the Aurora brand
• Resin barrel with transparent ink window
• Chrome trim
• Made in Italy
• Nib option: Flex
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