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Kintsugi Urushi Fountain Pen

Kintsugi Urushi Fountain Pen

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Kintsugi Urushi Fountain Pen

Inspired by the Japanese "Kintsugi" artform.

Kintsugi refers to the technique of repairing broken and chipped ceramics by recombining them using lacquer and decorating the joints with precious metals, gold and silver. Born from a culture that places deep sentimental value for heirlooms like plates or bowls. These items were not disposed but were repaired in ways that added beauty beyond their original state.

This fountain pen symbolizes this transformation into a greater level of beauty and rebirth. Each pattern is painted manually with streaks of gold at the end of the barrel.

Features a large 18k solid gold nib, made exclusively for Taccia. Uses a convenient cartridge/converter filling mechanism.

The featured Zoom nib is a special creation that can make both thin and broad strokes depending on the angle of the nib on the paper. It is excellent for calligraphy, art, and everyday writing.

Comes with a Taccia converter, and 2 ink cartridges.

Each design from this collection is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. 100% Made in Japan.

Note: Number in photo is for illustration purposes. Specific item number may vary.

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